Momma Cat (and how to sign CAT in ASL)

How to Sign CAT in ASL.
Hello, Halloween costume! I remember dressing as a CAT waaaaay back when there was no Pinterest, no Etsy, no online ordering or even affordable costume shops in our town.

We always made our costumes entirely from stuff at home.

Felt ears hot-glued to a hair band, a stuffed-sock tail, all black clothes and a trip to my moms makeup drawer to paint on eyeliner whiskers and a pink lipstick nose and I felt like the most sophisticated 7 year old feline around.

It was so much better than the previous year’s white sheet over the head with two holes cut out for ghostly eyes, or the piled on layers of my dad’s not-so-gently worn clothes and muddied-up face for a hobo costume that I wore the year after (not kidding). Hmmmm, maybe I should be a momma CAT this year…?

To sign CAT in American Sign Language, trace out the whiskers from under your nose with one or both hands in an ‘F’ hand shape
(yes, in case you have a baby, a bottle, a bag or maybe you’re pushing a stroller while you pass by a CAT, it’s ok to sign it with one hand).

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Do you make your own costumes? I need ideas!! And I’m still pretty handy with a glue gun.

2 thoughts on “Momma Cat (and how to sign CAT in ASL)

  1. Love the Hobo! I layered on my mom’s clothes and scarves and went as a gypsy around that age! And we still try to make our costumes; this year we’re doing a bat, a vampire and I’m a Mummy. Get it!? (it was assigned by my kids but I’m up for the challenge)


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