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WATER for me!

How to sign WATER in American Sign Language
Right after my new beginner sign language class today, one of the families held out a bottle of WATER and asked me how to sign WATER. I showed them and they said, “Here, this is for you”.

I stood there looking puzzled.

(I had noticed the dad leaving in the middle of class & returning a few minutes later, but I didn’t think too much of it at the time). The mom went on to explain to me that I had mentioned during the class that I had left my WATER bottle at home today & apologized for my voice being a bit scratchy as we sang our signing songs. Turns out her husband had gone downstairs to the vending machine and had bought me a cold bottle of WATER!

Oh my, how sweet! I have the best clients 💕

Don’t forget to sign WATER with your babies when you are drinking WATER, not just them!

How to Sign Fall & Autumn

It’s the first day of Fall today! The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colour, the sweaters are coming out. Although my feet aren’t ready to put away the flip flops of summer, let’s start talking about FALL with our babes. All the visual, tactile things about FALL are easy to talk about.

Apple Farm
Sharing a FALL apple at the farm is one of our favourite things to do in autumn.

How to Sign FALL in ASL

To sign FALL or AUTUMN in American Sign Language, hold one straight arm and flat hand up on a diagonal in front of your body (like the branch of a tree). Your other arm and flat hand becomes a leaf falling from the branch. Use a double motion to push away that flat hand in front of your “branch” arm, like a leaf falling shown twice.

What do you like to do in FALL?

Brand New Glasses

Eye-poking www.growingsigns.comAfter complaining about not being able to see the board clearly at the end of the school year in June, my son starts school today with brand new eye glasses. Most of our family wear glasses of some sort -either strong prescriptions for all the time, or light ones just for reading. It seems Ian’s eyes need them for distance, like his dad.

So it was time to get him into a cool new pair of eye glasses fit for an active boy. Our neighbourhood optician, who’s been making my husband and I glasses for over 20 years, carries a line of frames that specializes in flexible titanium frames for both adults and kids that bend and won’t break under pressure. They also have all the machinery to make the glasses in-house, so Ian got a special tour of the back room to see where his glasses were being made. Machines to make eyeglasses

Ian was really excited the whole time we were trying on frames and measuring his face and touring the shop. He’s learned how to take care of his glasses at home this summer, but now I’m admittedly nervous for the start of school days with energetic playground games and running around. Fingers crossed!

To sign GLASSES in American Sign Language, hold index fingers and thumbs around eyes and trace the shape of eye glasses, pulling fingers and thumbs outwards to connect.

How to sign GLASSES in ASL