Buy a PeapodMat

Trust me, as a mother, you need one of these mats!


My friends Liz and Amanda are the mom-creators of PeapodMats, a pillow-soft, washable, waterproof mat for families with babies, toddlers, and kids. PeapodMats were designed by these local-Vancouver moms for nighttime potty training to eliminate frustrating middle of the night sheet changes and wet mattresses. And there’s no crispy, plastic feel to them -see what PeapodMats are made of here.
As soon as I saw & felt them, I realized that PeapodMats can be used in the crib, in the stroller, on the change table, at home, at the beach, everywhere families go -and then washed in the washing machine. Before potty training even starts, these mats will save your bacon daily with your babies and toddlers.
Liz & Amanda gave me enough mats to try out with all the babies and parents in my classes to sit, lay, and play on. They’ve have been a *huge* hit! Adults and babies alike have been sitting on the soft, plush mats while we play, sing, and SIGN.
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There’s so many places to use your PeapodMat!

And I’m happy to be able to bring you a 3×3 ($45) PeapodMat of your colour choice with no shipping charges, to pick up at any of my participating community centres in Vancouver, Richmond or West Vancouver, even if you aren’t in my classes.
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Email me at for more information.

Photography by Tracy Paterson Photography

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