WATER for me!

How to sign WATER in American Sign Language
Right after my new beginner sign language class today, one of the families held out a bottle of WATER and asked me how to sign WATER. I showed them and they said, “Here, this is for you”.

I stood there looking puzzled.

(I had noticed the dad leaving in the middle of class & returning a few minutes later, but I didn’t think too much of it at the time). The mom went on to explain to me that I had mentioned during the class that I had left my WATER bottle at home today & apologized for my voice being a bit scratchy as we sang our signing songs. Turns out her husband had gone downstairs to the vending machine and had bought me a cold bottle of WATER!

Oh my, how sweet! I have the best clients 💕

Don’t forget to sign WATER with your babies when you are drinking WATER, not just them!

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